May 17, 2006

Worrying over change

If you worry about things you can change, then change them so you don't worry. If you worry about things you cannot change, don't worry because you can't change them. So said Reto Wittwer citing a Buddhist saying. The real worry, as I see it, is some of us lack the wisdom to sort out things we can change from those we can't.
Mr Wittwer is the chief executive of Kempinski hotels group, and a Buddhist by accident. As he put it in a New York Times interview, "When I was young I married a Vietnamese girl, who was Buddhist. Her parents said, 'It's Buddhist or nothing'. I said O.K". He is Swiss, and his first language is Rhaeto-Romansh, a Latin-based 'gypsy mismash', one of Switzerland's four official languages.

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