May 18, 2006

Couch potatoes club-up

Long Beach (California) Society of Couch Potatoes has codified a ten-point exercise programme for members - 1) skating on thin ice, 2) casting aspersions, 3) throwing caution to the wind, 4) bending the truth; 5) digging up dirt; 6) flogging a dead horse; 7) going the extra mile; 8) jumping to conclusions; 9) lashing out, and 10) marching to a different drummer......... It is my firm belief that Coonoorians (and many of us in Mysore) are in no way less accomplished than Californians on any of the ten counts.

My own favorite is flogging a dead horse......And we're one better than Californians; we are much too lazy even to organise themselves on the lines of the lazy ones of Long Beach....Read more (if you are inclined and aren't too lazy to exert yourself) by clicking on Recycled Writings.


Blog-Capt. Anup Murthy said...

Mysore does not need a society for couch potatoes. We are born that way. They will claim that they do exercise, cerebrally! Not much comes out of that, or at least I haven't seen too many good ideas coming out of Mysore yet. They'll need someone from the outside World to come in an do good to them or to implement their bright ideas!

See, Mr. GVK, you have to even provoke Mysoreans to write, blog or get involved. Some one should think that Mysoreans are running the whole planet and thats why they are so busy all the time! Poor chaps.

Vijendra Rao, the critical outsider said...

I have been in one awful mood today. The whole of today. Depression set in yesterday, itself. I have been endlessly waiting for a certain work to be done. It's bruising me badly. But, this is Mysore, the city of idlers. I don't think it would hurt anybody. Our folks are too idle to even feel hurt. The only person who has come from outside and still not got influenced by the legendary influence of Mysoreans is my wife.
I have seen somebody - I want to protect the identity of the person, because I don't want to be embarrassed - who has done nothing much at all for the last 65 years (perhaps, plus). Isn't it incredible? I have seen this person from my childhood. He has done nothing. He does nothing. He will do nothing. He has no complaints about it. I used to think that this specimen was a rarity. But, in due course, I have come across a few more such characters who do nothing. Do nothing, all their lives. That is Mysore. Even as I feel I must compliment GVK for making this interaction possible, I regret that a non-Mysorean set up a blog first.
Please don't think that my today's depression is the result of any immediate provocation of something not having gone right. Mysore has depressed me every now and then. Only recently, I taught a bunch of MBA students. There is no passion in them. There is something terribly wrong with the climate of this city. Please, again, don't think of there being no ideas. There are ideas aplenty. They dont' work. We are happy with our masala dosas, idli sambars, et al. What ought to be the incidentals of our lives have come to be our mainstay. No wonder, this city has a record number of sick units. It is a city where dynamism fears to tread.

Blog-Capt. Anup Murthy said...

Call me an escapist Mr. Vijendra, but if that got me out of the Mysore mindset, I'm happy to be galivanting around the World, coming back to Mysore to R&R.

I would probably want to do, when I retire, what Mysoreans are doing today (young ones not exempt). Laid back is one thing, laziness is another. This is what I wrote once when one New Jersey based person wrote as a comment that Jersyites are laid back, just like the Mysoreans.

Vijendra Rao, the critical outsider said...

You are lucky to have escaped the trap. I have asked this of myself: Am I a typical Mysorean?
No, I am not. I am capable of hard work. I work like a man possessed when I choose to do something that is close to my heart. I avoid doing things that I don't love to. At The Mysore Mail, the paper that I edited a while ago, my colleagues made fun of me whenever I announced that I would take a day off. They were sure that next day I would show up.
Once I called in a colleague to my cabin and instructed her that just in case I collapsed, no one need worry; it would only be due to exhaustion. I was managing with two hours of sleep those days (whereas, a colleague, an arch Mysorean, couldn't do with his siesta every afternoon). It is a task in itself, to be constantly exerting onself not to allow a Mysorean to influence one's attitude (particularly to work).

GVK said...

For the benefit those seeking to further this interaction on work Vs idleness I would like to plug in here another zine5 piece of mine - Screw Work, Embrace Leisure

Vijendra Rao, the critical outsider said...

HAD the spologists for idlers listed in your recommended article visited Mysore, they would have not expended their energy writing all that they did to encourage idling. They would simply turned Mysoreans.
For heaven's sake, GVK, please ase don't make these prescriptions online. Else, you will find a cityful of statues on your return.

Vijendra Rao, the critical outsider said...

I apologise for the awful spelling mistakes in my comment. I saw it only now. To correct myself:

Had the apologists ... etc.

They would have turned Mysoreans.

.... please don't

Sorry again.