May 19, 2006

A question of media priority

Here is something for my friend Vijendra to mull over in his media blog. There are more media people in Africa watching out for Brangelina’s birth than those covering the situation in Darfur. Says who? Says my neighbourhood newspaper in San Ramon, CA.. When the story gets printed it would carry an exotic dateline: Swakopmund, Namibia. It’s a resort in an otherwise desert country.

Occasion: Angelina Jolie (don’t ask who, for I’m not sure myself) is about to give birth to Brad Pitt’s baby.

Pre-birth scoop: London’s ‘Daily Mirror’ reports that an unidentified US-based weekly has signed a $5 m deal for rights to the baby’s first pix. The money is to be donated to UNICEF.

Question: Does anyone know/care about whatever is happening in Darfur, any more ?

Brangelina: Brad+Angelina


Vijendra Rao, the critical outsider said...

Thanks for drawing my attention. Well, we need a thorough overhaul of our senstitivities and sensibilities. I will write about this soon.

Anonymous said...


1)Replace the following:

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You also salander Manasagangothri as
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Publish the above please, if you dare and see how many responses you will get. Some may be even from those girls he was teasing