May 14, 2006

Cooker whistle scares babies

I thought it is just Sidharth, my 5-month old grandson, who gets scared by a whistling pressure cooker, till I read The website for Indian families in the US runs a ‘baby of the fortnight' feature that carries every other week the profile of a child. Parents are invited to mail a set of pix. of their child, along with a note on the baby’s likes, dislikes, and any noticeable skills. Editor (or is it a baby jury) selects one of the entries for web-lication every fortnight.

Photo : Sidharth, in contemplative mode, when the cooker isn't whistling.

Scanning NRIPulse ‘Baby of the Fortnight’ archives I found quite a few parents listing pressure cooker whistle as a scary item. We’re talking about infants from four to 12 months. Why can’t we have a silencer fitted in to kill that noise ? Maybe housewives should represent to the cooker makers. If they can’t kill the shrill, manufacturers could think of modulating it to produce a Himesh Reshamiya number. I hear he is adept in making music (or what passes for it) out of piercing sounds.

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