May 5, 2006

Coping with stray cows in California

San Ramon: A newspaper reader in our neighbourhood paper shares her thoughts on coping with stray cows on hiking trails. For someone from Mysore, where I confront cattle on streets whenever I stir out of house, any advice on tackling cows is of interest. Here is what the Californian cow adviser has to say:

“They (cows) seem to consider us (humans) a threat only if they perceive us to be staring at them. My husband and I have the following conversation while approaching cattle on the trails. We don’t look at them; instead, say to each other ‘I don’t see a cow, do you?’, I say. He says, ‘no, I don’t see any cows either’

“Calm voices seem to help. We’ve walked by cows so close we could have touched them. They don’t run or even move. I think they think we don’t see them. It’s as if they don’t see us, either. I highly recommend this technique”


Blog-Capt. Anup Murthy said...

Strange indeed! Hiking in some parts of the US, in the moutains, I'd be more scared of a moutain lion making an "item" of me than cows!

Arunn said...

Although only cows behave the way its mentioned here, I suspect I now know why my mother calls me an erumai maadu (buffalo)...too obstinate and "don't see others"...