February 18, 2007

B2B: Kini hits a speed-breaker

Word from Herne Bay, UK, is that our friend Kini isn’t doing well,again.Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) has a way of draining body and mind - "barely being able to get up in the morning as if my head is filled with cotton wool, choking for breath, no strength in my burning legs and chest wall in a clamp. Then as the day progresses with more oxygen in the system, life becomes possible. My head is full of half completed sentences for my next blog of my trip across Pakistan".

Getting through daily routine takes some doing. What most of us take for granted is an ordeal for Kini – ‘I find it hard to stay in front of the PC and string words together’. In an earlier e-mail, referring to our B2B Kini said he hoped to resume his account of his overland trip to London. In his earlier piece Kini gave us an idea of how he got bitten by this overland travel bug.

I look forward to reading his accout of transiting Pakistan, in the 60s, when the country was perceived the least India-friendly. Kini had a refreshingly differnt experience - 'We took a 2 days 2 nights train from Quetta to Zahedan in Iran . The tickets were bought for us by a stranger, the station master of Lahore mainline station who put us up, fed us, took us around and gave us a surprise by putting us on this train'.

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Anonymous said...


Change the name of this blog to 'ramblers park'. The account of 1960s nostalgic journey through the NW frontier has reached the saturation limit. Could we expect you to come down to earth and post things
about Mysore- something closer to home?