January 30, 2007

B2B: Recover soon, Kini

Heard that Kini is going through a bad phase in his health condition. “So naturally, would be falling back a bit in my responses (to B2B posts)’, he e-mailed me, “hope you don’t mind”.

For those unfamiliar with his condition, Kini suffers from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). He has, in his own words, an undiagnosed chest pain, leg pain and sleep problem; he’s wheel-chair bound, can’t walk much.

As a web account of CFS symptoms has it, this illness is accompanied by fatigue. …not the kind of fatigue one experiences after a particularly busy day or week, after a sleepless night or after a stressful event, but a severe, incapacitating fatigue that isn't improved by bed rest and that may be exacerbated by physical or mental activity. It's an all-encompassing fatigue that results in a dramatic decline in both activity level and stamina.

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