January 5, 2007

Mymysore dotcom(e) no more; it's dot gone

Those who have tried to access mymysore dot com in recent days would have confronted a blank page, with this explanation – ‘this site is under construction until further notice’. That’s pure poppycock. MyMysore site is dead. Our modest civic initiative on the web – MyMysore.com - became a ‘dot-gone’, with the dawn of 2007. I put it to death by instructing the software provider to de-activate the site.

It was case of euthanasia of a website crippled by terminal spamming. The spammers wouldn’t go away; and I didn’t have the staying power. My offer to hand over control of the site evoked no response. MyMysore dot com, though conceived as an all-inclusive forum, came to be perceived as website of, by and for a bunch of retired persons. Such perception defeated the very purpose of this civic initiative.

MyMysore site came to be dubbed as fuddy-duddy. Its critics said, among other things, 1) the Mysore site betrayed a middle-age bias; 2) it was run by a retired person who had nothing better to do; 3) was intolerant of views expressed by those other than his yes-men; 4) that Mysore could do very well without the considered opinion of GVK’s cronies; 5) the sky wouldn’t fall with the closure of Mymysore dot com; and 5) GVK was in the habit of announcing closure (of the site), only to garner support and sympathy.

My take is that our modest initiative on the web didn’t work, not due to a perceived middle-aged bias (I am pushing 68), but because of our failure to build up a critical mass, even of the middle-aged and the old. If only we had more of them who took to the site, raising issues, commenting on those raised by others, more often, we could have made a go of Mymysore dotcom.

At a personal level, the MyMysore experience has sharpened my interest in blogs and blogging. What’s more, the web experiment has indeed initiated a few people in Mysore into the fascinating world of blogging. And they include the oldies, who too believed they had things to say, but didn’t know how, and where they could have their say.

As for the spam and spammers that MyMysore dot com have had to cope with we had this interesting post by a certain Mr Mohan Singh. He had this to say:
I work in the States and a colleague of mine is a Mysorean and he mentioned the arguments and insinuations raging in this (Mysore) site. I read most of the posting here and they are really interesting. As some one whose job is in IT security area, here is a piece of information for those who are interested.
We have studied profiles of spammers. A spammer seldom presents himself ( almost all spammers in our experience are young men) as argumentative, dissenter , negativistic etc.. for the simple reason that focus will be on to him as a suspect.
But we found that it is one's friend for long years, colleague with whom one goes for a cup of coffee, jealous relative, a competitor etc.. who turn out at the end to be the culprits. Our company had had complaints from blog sites and on investigation we discovered that in more than 50% of the cases our suspicion ultimately narrowed down to the the person who ran the blog site or on his instructions his collegues spammed their own site to generate interest and attention. Cyberworld is an interesting world indeed.

Some of those who got initiated into blogging through the Mymysore site have moved to Mysore Blog Park. Also carried over from the demised site is Mysorean Directory that seeks to connect the Mysore-connected the world over.


tinda said...

The news comes more as a painful reminder than a shock.That we still have people who are averse to change,new ideas and fresh thinking.
That it should happen in Mysore where the blog originated and about which it wrote,is all the more difficult to understand.
Mr Mohan Singh's observation,however, are a clear pointer .
The pity,gvk, is that the very "fuddy duddies" who sought to bring about change by provoking people to think,are the ones who are getting victimised.
In the death of mymysore.com,the loser without doubt is the city;its people .

Dr YNI Anand said...

Sad end to an optimistic beginning. All of us have to share the blame since many of us were not actively writing anything on the blog site. Ironically, only today I thought of writing on the site something about the happenings in the medical world at Mysore. Now I can not! It is my fault.

Anonymous said...

GVK Sir,

I am someone who's half your age and cannot preach on what you have done so far. I have been blogging for over 3 years now and have realized one thing about the blogsphere.

A successful blog is a result of continuous and regular blogging. Extending the same to a site, I would say a successful site is one that has content that is dynamic (regularly changing and updating).

And being continuous and regular is a matter of perseverance. Mind needs to win over matter. We cannot get discouraged by a handful of spammers. Spammers will exist everywhere. We cannot concede defeat to them.

This is not preaching. This is what I have learnt over the years on the blogsphere. Have seen ups and downs and presently am going through the abyss of my online life. But then I haven't closed down my site or anything am just hanging on to get back to where I want it to be. And am sure it will. I will do it.

Please consider this as a request to kick your site back to life.