February 6, 2007

Autobiography of an ordinary Indian

Blogger Narendra Shenoy prescribes three ways to make it to Medikeri. My favourite would be, what Mr Shenoy would call, “an inexpensive and characterful way”. Bussing it there from Mysore. Here, a note of caution from Mr Shenoy: Be prepared to share it with livestock. To put it in the blogger’s own words, “I traveled once this way for a lark and had to share my seat with a goat and a rooster. (When I told this to Sheela, all that she asked me was, ‘were they MBAs too?’ – talk about empathy ).

I happened by Mr Shenoy's blog through a Google Blogs Alert. His blog is named – Autobiography of an ordinary Indian – We have had one from an ‘unknown’ Indian, this was quite a while ago.The book had put Nirad Chaudhuri on the short list of the great Indian English writers of his time.

Mr Shenoy who styles himself ‘an ordinary Indian’ says a question that has bothered him is: “why should only the rich and famous be allowed to write autobiographies?” He reckons he is unlikely to be rich or famous anytime soon, anyways, and, by inference, he could not write his bio. So Mr Shenoy chose to blog it, his autobiography.

May I suggest something, Mr Shenoy? Don’t jazz it up to the point where you don’t get to recognize your own life. Besides, a common Indian’s life story told as it plays out during these trying times, would anytime be more salesworthy than fiction from an ordinary Indian. With your style, and with Sheela to help you along with the narrative, you might even make a 'blook' of it - blog morphed to a book.

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