February 20, 2007

B2B with K: A saturation limit?

Change the name of this blog to ‘ramblers park’. The account of 1960s nostalgic journey through NW frontier has reached the saturation limit, says a commenter in my previous post. Far from it, my friend.. I thought we had just begun. One person’s ‘saturation limit’ can be seen as a ‘starting point’ by someone else, as the following mail I got suggests.

“ Your exchanges with Mr. Kini and the blogs that you put up almost like letters to each other (made public) has been fascinating”, writes another friend. “…these stories (through an exchange of letters) has kept me so interested that despite time constraints, I never fail to open the blog park website frequently, to see what’s posted on your adventures.”

To go back to the initial comment, it goes on to say, “could we expect you to come down to earth and post things about Mysore – something closer to home?” It’s a thought. But then I thought you could get personal in blogging. Incidentally, are we talking of the same blog here?

For those who care to read more nostalgia , Kini has posted his latest - Facing No Man's Land....


anjali said...

Oh, please don't stop! It's fascinating to read about your adventures. It is also very touching to read this beautiful exchange of letters between you and Kini.

Please do not be discouraged by criticism from one reader. You have the support of several of your other readers. Also, anyway, this is your blog. You can publish whatever you want.

Anonymous said...

Considering the mess that the NW Frontier and Pakistan find themselves in today, hardly worth winding the clock back to 1967, and spending hours on nostalgic tour in those regions. Perhaps the 'blog is parked in Mysore' just for now?!!