February 12, 2007

A photo worth a million words

Worth a million words in praise of one man’s audacity in the face of death; his out-of-the-box thinking and split-second reflexes. My reference is to the passenger who took this picture (if you can see its copy pasted on this blog) moments before he went down with a crashing plane involved in a mid-air collision over South America.

The photo was recovered from the memory stick in a digital camera found in the wreckage. It’s owner, identified with the help of camera serial number (presumably, under warranty), was Paulo G Muller, actor in a children’s theatre at Porto Alegre, Brazil.

I got this picture in e-mail forwarded by my friend Dr (Lt.Col.) Y N I Anand, who had got it through a link chain (which carry mostly junk, but an occasional gem such as this one). Thank you, doctor sahib.But I must admit,seeing the picture my first thought was, could this be really real?


Vidya said...


teaches us not to be gullible

Anonymous said...

I do not dismiss anything as a fake
because I cannot rationally explain it! There was a report in Europe of a man delivering a baby after carrying the foetus in stages for over 12 months. As far the medical specialists, they disagreed with each other about why a man should feel 'funny' in his gut and why an ultrasound should show a 'mouse-like creature' sitting in his gut!!

Dr (Lt.Col.) Y.N.I. said...

What Vidya says is right. So is what the anonymous says! However, when I received the next photo from some other source, I asked for verification from the person who sent it. He replied that he has received several such mails from others also who said that it could be fake.