September 14, 2006

If only MS could’ve blogged….

The Hindu photo - MS with T Sadasivam

M S Subbulakshmi had this habit of jotting down minute details about all her performances. So says an article in The Hindu Friday Review. Her jottings contained details of concert organizers, venue, accompanists, the song list, the dignitaries in the audience, and even the colour of the sari MS wore for the occasion.

If only they had invented the blog when she was at her prime MS would have been a great blogger. Sulochana Pattibhiraman’s article is full of tidbits on the daily routine of MS - an early riser (well before 5 a m), she started her day with piping hot coffee before a brisk walk-around in her garden. At times she preferred ‘sukku’ coffee.

MS had always discussed with husband T Sadasivam programme details prior to every concert. He chose the songs and listed them out and she scrupulously followed the list of numbers.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting piece about MS. To know more abour her as narrated by someone vry close to her I followed the link to HINDU and read the original article. There is something different in coffe sweetened with jaggery that appeals to the tastebuds of traditional south Indian coffee drinkers of yesteryears. All my elders in our coffee growing family most of whom are no more used to swear by it and to every one of them sugar was only a second class alternative whenever they were forced to accept coffee outside their own homes. The dark sticky jaggery of those day was not even a distant cousin of what bears its name today. Dr KJN

Durga said...

MS would have been a poor blogger. I had had the opportunity of observing her daily routine during one of her visits to the West. Her husband had such a 'hold' on her ( which made us squirm with discomfort) that he would have moderated out the interesting bits of her blogs. She was in such an awe of her husband that she would not have dared to express her free thoughts - the quintessential attribute of a good blogger. Though a great singer, the constrained framework (the framework that set apriori the minute details of her impending katcheri)in which her performance took place meant that there was no room for spontaniety of flute Mali kind on a good day.