September 4, 2006

Film Critics, Endangered Species

No matter what film critics say about his flicks - plot-less, pointless, silly, goofy - Karan Johar seems to be laughing all the way to the bank with his latest, Khabie Alvida Na Kehna’ (Kank). Gone are the days when producers looked upon film critics as mai-baap, who made or mucked up a film’s chances at the box-office. Film-goers those days relied on newspaper reviews to set their minds for them. They now have sneak-previews, studio generated puff-shows on TV, fan sites and entertainment blogs. A film critic can no longer play god- Read more, click on Dateline Mysore.

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Vidya said...

This reminds me of the time one would wait for the Friday supplement of 'The Hindu' to read DS Ramanujam's (I think that was the name, it's been way too long) take on current releases. That would play the deciding factor in whether one went and asked their parents for a few rupees to go and watch the said movie. And of course assure them that we weren't going during college hours etc... Now its a different scene.... surf a specific set of websites and look for specific reviewers' take on each movie, then decide whether to go watch in a theater or just wait for it to show in one of the gazillion cable channels at our disposal (In singapore and india, of course.. in this neck of the woods we depend on torrents to get our hands on the latest movies)...
Just last week, my husband and I watched Omkara... and were suddenly discussing that we should ask our parents to send us a clipping from the review in The Hindu