April 5, 2006

An idea for our print media

San Ramon Valley Times, our neighbourhood daily in California, has put out an appeal to readers - ‘The Times is looking for reader-written dispatches’. The idea is to encourage local residents who are away from home; interested in writing about their experiences; and in sharing them with newspaper readers at home. “It doesn’t have to be all visits to castles and hidden Mayan temples,” says The Times, “sometimes just a visit to a grocery store in an exotic city provides an interesting tale to tell”.
I recall Star of Mysore carried some time back dispatches from Mr Srihari during his stretched out vacation in the US. We could do with more such ‘Letters Home’ from Mysoreans studying/working/visiting abroad. Such features, I am sure, would have a wider appeal, if adopted by the vernacular media. Wonder if ‘Andholana’ would give it a shot?

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