April 10, 2006

Cremate your worries at a price

San Ramon, CA, Apl.10: Read about this resort at Sedona, Ariz., where they say, you can ‘burn’ your worries. They keep pencils and slips of paper outside the meditation room called Crystal Grotto in Enchantment Resort (ER). You write your worries on a piece of ER issue stationery and drop it in a basket kept at Crystal Grotto. The papers are then consigned to flame, releasing your cares, says NYT travel writer Dwight Garner – ‘I scribbled something about my credit card not being declined and tossed it in’. As media guest Mr.Garner might have done it on the house. Others pay room tariff of $295 night (minimum) for the privilege of burning worries. You do things in style at ER. A bottle of Absolut vodka from room service sets you back by $ 135.

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Blogging One's Own Trinkets said...

Given the tariffs, the ER owners not at all have to do what they prescribe their clients, to cremate their financial woes.