April 12, 2006

Disclose yourself, Mr. BOOT; Or else I shall….

Or else, I shall be constrained to name you. When I first spotted odd messages on this site being signed off as ‘Blogging One’s Own Trinkets’ (BOOT) I thought it was a crank call. Spammers usually adopt such call sign that gives no clue to whether it belongs to a she, he or an it. But then, on reading his comments in Capt. Anup Murthy’s blog and mine, I sensed BOOT is no crank. He appears selective, is sensible in what he says, and, to the point; on the ball, as they say.
He gives a bit of himself away when he makes a reference to his blog in one of his comments - http://bloggingtrinkets.blogspot.com/ . But then, you access his blog, you wouldn’t find anyone’s name on it, only his gender and zodiac sign by way of a profile. Bit of a tease, isn’t he? Maybe this is his idea of flogging his blog. Which carries excerpts of essays from a collection, titled – ‘Run of the Mind’. This proves a dead give-away. Come now, Mr Vijendra Rao, your run of anonymity must end here. If anyone cares to read more on Mr Rao’s work, Click on ‘A Mysore newsman’s debut book’.


Blogging One's Own Trinkets said...

Dear GVK,
Believe me, I had no intention of concealing my identity. Well, you know, just a click on BOOT in my replies, and my identity would be revealed. Of course, you may say that not everybody would go that extra length to trace the identity of the blogger.
If there indeed was a slight inclination not to come out openly, it was in respect of my other blog - press-distrust-india. I thought my discretion should take the better of my valour and I must remain pseudonymous. But, then, it was just a fleeting consideration. I revel in valour, not in its counterfeit. So what if I end up making enemies - though that is not my intention - I am not making friends with unworthies.
If I hesitate not to associate myself with the more explosive of my blogs, why feel hesitant with BOOT (I like the nice acronym that you have reduced the blog to).
I am definitely looking for exploiting the medium to the fullest so I can drive home the power of blogging to my students - both journalism and management.

Blogging One's Own Trinkets said...

Wasn't my reply rather grave? I felt it was needlessly elaborate and out of tune with your banter. I felt stupid. Maybe, you could do me a favour by taking it off - your page and mind.

Capt. Anup Murthy said...

No Sir, it made interesting reading and hope Mr. GVK is not going to take the reply out. Your reply to GVK's blog piece is not that elaborate, a tad emotional but apt. I think we are all happy that you are going to be active in all types of media. Look forward to reading your blogs. I don't have too much time in-between worsk here in singapore to put in comments on your blog but let me try some time.

GVK said...

We all exploit the medium, don't we ? Maybe some of us don't feel comfortable conceding it. I reckon the medium (weblog) is there for exploitation.
I have something to concede here. It was Mr Vijendra's BOOT that inspired me to create 'Recycled Writings'.

Blogging One's Own Trinkets said...

This is not the first time I am finding myself being given credit for a good that I have not really done. Some kind of a "ridiculous immortality" this, to quote Kundera.
Nonetheless, it is gracious on your part to say you have drawn inspiration from BOOT - an unintended spinoff.