January 23, 2006

Karnataka regime change and I

I claim no insight into impending regime change in Karnataka. Which enables me to write for Zine5.com, a website focused on creative, rather than fact-filled writing. Besides, it was the TV visuals that had an appeal for me. I was inspired to write on Karnataka regime change after reading about reality TV in Thailand. The TV show - ‘Backstage Show: The PM’ – features Thai prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra on a five-day tour of the poorest region in Thailand. The Thai tycoon-turned-politician is seen waving at the camera, talking at village meetings halls, plunging into throngs of villagers, always trailed by 40 cameras.
This post is pure plug for my piece on the Karnataka regime change, which I reckon is a poor-selling reality TV. In my long stint as newspaper reporter I’ve learnt this – you don’t ask politicians sensible questions on camera unless you want silly answers. There was this hotshot reporter on TV who caught up with HDK, Sat. morning, at Bangalore Oberoi, as he was about to bundle off his party loyalists in a luxury bus….Click here, if you care to read more.

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