January 18, 2006

It wasn’t Mr Gowda’s day

Haradanahalli Dodde Deve Gowda told The Hindu that Wednesday (Jan.18) was his political life’s ‘saddest day’. I quote him, advisedly, because Mr Gowda could change his mind tomorrow, and say, ‘No, it wasn’t my saddest'. For the benefit of those whose TV set stays always at B4U or some other movie channel, and those who skip Page One and read newspapers only for sports news, I would mention that on Wednesday there was revolt in the Deve Gowda household. One of his sons crossed the Lakshman Rekha drawn by Mr Gowda, and made a pact with his political Ravana to stake his claim to rule Gowda’s Ayodhya.
It was a day of high drama, featuring a deluxe coach ferrying MLAs through rush-hour Bangalore traffic, speeding cars fitted on top with revolving red lights, and a clutch of media mikes thrust at some ‘B’ league political players for kerb-side briefings, as they rushed from one closed-door meeting to another.
Meanwhile, at his Padmanabhanagar home the JD(S) supremo skipped dinner (raagi ball with soppu) and refused to pose for media photographs.

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