January 30, 2006

Davos for dummies

My ‘Dateline Mysore’ column this week is on Davos. You may ask, what the piece has to do with the dateline. Little, if anything. It’s my way of pushing Mysore, calling it ‘Dateline Mysore’. It is a tag-line to sort me out from other columnists on zine5.com. Literally, the dateline refers to my operating base. My earlier zine5 pieces used to appear under ‘Dateline Coonoor’. I used to stay in Nilgiris before shifting residence to Mysore. Occasionally, I do Mysore-centric pieces, perhaps, to justify the dateline.

My Take on Mysore’s Miseries

If Pigs Have a say, They’d sue the Mayor

Importance of being T S Satyan

No Ideas Please, We’re Mysoreans

MATF: Toothless Tiger on a Thorn in the Flesh

MyMysore Dot Com

Davos fascinated me because of its coverage on blogs. It was in a blog, of The New York Times, I read about the ‘India Everywhere’ PR campaign in Davos. As they put it, there were few places (in Davos) one could go to without seeing, hearing, drinking or tasting something Indian. Davos buses carried ads. proclaiming India as the world’s fastest-growing free-market democracy. The cost of such elaborate charm offensive is estimated at $5 million… For More click on Davos for Dummies

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