October 27, 2005

Snail mail, endangered

My new-found friend Srihari, B S, says my recent letter to him, written in not-so-legible hand, is kept on his desk, at a prominent spot so that he can see it every day. It serves him as a reminder that the old-fashioned postal mail, as a means of communication, isn’t dead, yet. Mine was the only mail he got by post in recent times. People no longer write; they e-mail, phone or sms each other. It was just as well I didn’t know Mr Srihari’s e-mail ID. If I had, I wouldn’t have written that letter either.
After talking to him I tried recalling if I had, indeed, received mail by post in recent memory. I couldn’t. Do you remember the last time you got mail? I don’t mean the monthly credit-card statement or LIC premium notice. I mean the good old hand-written stuff from family or a friend.
Remember the Pankaj Udhas film number, ‘Chitti aye hai …chitti’. If they remake the film, ‘Naam, today, the song would have to say, ‘E-mail aye hai…e-mail’.

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