October 12, 2005

The Dasara Anil Almost Missed

My young friend Anil has been away, in the US, for years, but retains his schoolboy fascination for Mysore. When I called him at Dallas during my recent US trip Anil said his thoughts were in Mysore, notably this time of the year – ‘you know, I haven’t seen dasara in ten years now’. He hoped to make it this time, if only the US consulate in Chennai would oblige him with an appointment in early October. He needs to renew his US visa and Anil said he was trying to seek online an interview at the visa section for Oct. 2. I presumed the US consulate didn’t oblige Anil, for I didn’t hear anything from him till I left the US on Oct.9.
A couple of days after my return to Mysore I heard from his uncle T V Raghottam Rao that Anil had made it here, after all, in time for ‘Jumbo Savari’. Well, then, as they say, where there is a will, (and an available air ticket) there is a way. I would like to have his take on Mysore Dasara, as Anil sees it after a gap of a decade.

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