October 3, 2005

New 'Avatar'

It has taken some time in coming. If it is of interest to anyone, other than my wife and our close friends, my son Ravi conceived of this myMysore ‘avatar’, around the time his wife Meera became pregnant. It is their first child. Ravi has since delivered; Meera is still expecting. Our grandson is due this December. They found out it would be a boy through ultra-sound test. In the country where they live, unlike in India, sex determination through ultra-sound is legit. It is the done thing, if only because enables the couple to agonize over a name, for weeks before baby’s arrival. The latest I hear is that three names have been short-listed. But unsolicited nominations from relatives and well-wishers are still coming.
Ravi’s dotcom ‘baby’ comes with a pre-set name – myMysore. In its new ‘avatar’, the website is simpler, slimmer and, I hope, more user-friendly. Besides, there is an add-on feature for the benefit of Mysoreans with flair for blogging.

Why do people blog? A website on Lahore – lists 15 bloggers-in-residence. Their reasons for blogging include:

  • I blog because I love Lahore (a Karachite studying in Lahore)
  • Wish to share my interests, which include chilling with friends, TV, browsing etc.
  • I blog because I am very, very bored
  • Because I hold conflicting opinions in my head, and agree with both
  • I love words, my food, and kite-flying on the Mall Roadn I can’t get enough of the city I love

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It is sad that some body who with hard work and dedication made a name for the state of Mysore and himself, and who put Bangalore on the international IT map and who wants to do things for the state with his international contacts, has to be judged by some body who slept in parliment and other meetings and whose family after he entered politics own part of Hassan district (With whose money).

It is a sad state of affairs and Infosis can safely move over to Tamil Nadu.