August 19, 2006

MyMysore cloned

It is nice to learn that is being missed so much by someone that he has set up a clone. Mr Badri Hiriyur e-mailed us the link to his site - OurMysore - an alternate forum for mymysoreans. Says Mr Hiriyur: Every day I stop by the site only to return disappointed. I even spent the better part of Saturday setting up an alternate forum to keep the discussions going.

OurMysore blog makes it clear that it is a Mymysore clone, set up because the original site has been shut off due to spam attacks. It has three discussion forums modelled on the mymysore site.

Shortly before all forums in our site got turned off Mr Hiriyur managed to post a message:
For many months now, I have been a mute visitor here (one of the many, I am sure). Just found out that the two I-s (Issue & Ideas) message board has been cordoned off from public view with password protection. I am assuming this is in response to the recent spam attacks on this site. Would the forum administrator please give us an update on how we might access that board?- BKH.

Your assumption was right, Mr Hiriyur. Toxic spamming turned us off. For how long, we can't say, right now. Would keep you posted on the developments. Meanwhile, thanks for the proxy site. On my part, I would like to see OurMysore taking a life of its own, even after bounces back.


m.r.venkatesh said...

Dear Shri.GVK,
It is flatterning to hear that your Internet brainchild now has a clone. It shows the impact your website has made. Many good wishes to you. You must one day write a book about the world of journalism you saw and worked for, casting away your self-doubts, I mean including your U.K. days.
With thanks and regards,
m.r.venkatesh / Chennai
Sunday, Aug 20, 2006

Bhamy V shenoy said...

How do we know that the clone of Mymysore will not face the attack which led to its suspension?
Should suspension be the answer ? Or should we ignore the graffiti ?
I do not have a perfect solution. This is just loud thinking on my part.

Anonymous said...

Ourmysore could be a moderated forum where users are required to register themselves before they post. Thanks for your wishes and support mr gvk. I'm travelling this week and will not be able to workon this site or post anything but i will do so on my return. In fact i am writing this comment from a web enabled cellphone,


Gouri Satya said...

I still feel you should revive mymysore, by allowing comments after a preview. - Gouri Satya

shanks said...

It is time we get serious about this spam. Let us have a spam control and posting check. Let us by turn take up the resposibility of being modarators.

Naveena C K said...

Dear Sir

Even I second gouri satya's view that you must revive