March 12, 2006

Holi hai

Residents at my block of 60 flats got together at the basement parking lot, Sunday (March 12), to celebrate holi. They invited as chief guest our apartments builder, Mr M B Nagakumar. Which is uncommon, considering that builders/contractors generally do not retain a high reputation among has-been clients. Few apartment owners have zero-complaint against their builder at the end of the day. Builders are not known for delivering whatever they promise, within the timeline they set.
Mr Nagakumar is not Mr Perfect, but he appears to retain a good rapport with his clients. That the residents of Devaraja Mohalla Premier Residency chose to invite him as chief guest at their holi get-together speaks for his reputation. In a way, The Premier Residency holi celebrations made a social statement on builder-client relationship. For the rest the function was marked by the usual fare of song and dance, contest and prizes, and, of course, ‘dandiya’.
Among key players in organizing this ladies-driven 'do' were Ms. Lata Mehta, Anu, Manju, Seema, Hema, Nandiini, Neelam, Priya, Pinky and another Pinky.
Word of advice: Organisers in future would do well to make sure that every child in the block wins a prize. On Sunday Master Nipul Jain was very upset because they didn’t give him a prize. His scream turned into a smile when someone focused her camera on him throwing a tantrum. The photograph was Nipul’s ‘consolation’ prize for the evening

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