November 21, 2005

Scaling walls for sport

When someone mentions scaling walls, many of us tend to think of our college days. A wall is something to be jumped over when you reach the hostel after hours. Some walls come with a convenient hole our thoughtful predecessors on the campus had left behind. It was one such hole in the compound wall of Kirorimal College (Delhi University) that served as a short-cut to the Kamla Nagar coffee-house, frequented by those of us in neighbouring colleges – Ramjas, DSE or the Hindu.
My friend and Bangalore-based Statesman correspondent Tyagraj Sharma would know what I am talking about. But the wall he has in mind nowadays is the one his college going daughter, Kavya Sharma, scales for sport. The 16-year-old has no use for hostel walls (Is she a hosteller, Tyagraj ?); she goes for the one that is 60-ft tall. Kavya is poised to tackle the wall in Hong Kong this December at the Asian Youth Sport Climbing championship.


Bhanu said...

That Hole in the wall was there till 1999 but then when the renovation started those guys filled it up...i guess you are talking about that dingy hole in the backyard of hostel...really miss those days

GVK said...

My timeline of that hole in the wall is mediaeval (1958-60).If it had held up till 1999, it speaks much for our campus heritage conservation. Wonder, if you know, whether the Kamalanagar coffee house is still there.

sudo phish said...

Yup contributing to your nostalgia days - teh coffee house is still there (atleast was there) when I last visited india. Did u have the theatre group "players" - the best ever in the campus- when u were at KM??